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格林威治是一所拥有130年历史的现代大学. 世界杯竞猜网站开创教育改革,改善当地人民的生活. 今天,世界杯竞猜网站的目标仍然是在地方、国家和全球范围内消除教育障碍.


当校友和朋友们聚在一起支持格林威治时,他们改变了生活. Your donation will help to remove some of the financial barriers our students face as they invest in their future.

学生在21世纪 世纪遇到许多挑战, 包括生活成本的增加和Covid-19的持续影响.

Many of our students juggle study with part-time work and family commitments that can make it harder for them to 经验 university life to the fullest. 在有限的资源下, any unexpected cost can land students in genuine financial hardship leaving them less money and time to dedicate to their study and extracurricular activities that are vital to their 经验.

当学生体验到没有边界的教育时,他们下一步可以做什么就没有限制了. We know because Greenwich is in the top five in the UK for social mobility and ranks 11th globally for reducing inequalities.

世界杯竞猜网站在经济上支持学生, 但世界杯竞猜网站不能独自做到这一点——校友社区的每一份贡献都很重要. 这就是你的时间和慷慨可以发挥巨大作用的地方:

  • £25 能否为学生提供一周的旅行费用
  • £50 可以为学生提供购买食品的紧急资金吗
  • £100  能给学生一个学期的体育或课外活动的机会吗, 支付运动器材或学生会会员资格
  • £200 能否资助对更广泛的社区产生影响的项目
  • £500 为有父母的学生提供托儿费用能确保他们继续学习吗
  • £1,000 could fund an internship ensuring students get ahead in the job marketing by learning new skills and making sector contacts – and you’ll be recognised as a Greenwich Patron



Crowdfunding seeks donations from a wide community of 支持ers who care about the projects and offers Greenwich alumni and friends an engaging and community-spirited 经验.

It enables education without boundaries by offering a new innovative way for our students to 金融 projects that bring their university 经验 to life – and gives them an excellent way to develop entrepreneurial and employable skills, 从市场营销和融资到项目管理和专业人脉.

通过集资”, you will have an opportunity to make a direct impact on students and staff who are seeking funding and donate to the projects you care about.



在格林威治,世界杯竞猜网站希望支持世界杯竞猜网站的学生实现他们的抱负. 世界杯竞猜网站明白学生不仅仅是在教室里学习, but from the people they meet and the activities they take part in – all of this has a lot of positive outcomes. 这让学生掌握了未来就业的技能, 改善身心健康, 帮助找到一生的朋友, 增加他们的大学经历,也是尝试新事物的好方法.

格林尼治学生基金为那些, 并不是他们自己的错, 正在努力享受格林威治的完整体验吗.

与格林威治学生会合作, this fund will help more students to access academic communities that help students who need additional 支持 such as student parents and commuter, 成年及残疾学生, 同时确保所有想要参加社团和体育活动的学生.

  • £25 能确保学生能够参加学生会社团组织的活动吗
  • £50 可以为学生提供购买食品的紧急资金吗
  • £110 能给学生一年的健身房使用权来支持他们的健康吗
  • £300 能帮助足球队补贴关键设备和购买新装备吗, 减少个人团队成员的经济负担
  • £500 could fund a conference or training opportunities ensuring students have relevant and employable skills
  • £1,000 可以为有需要的格林威治学生提供无限制的资金吗, 通过学生会的举措支持福利和留任

你的捐赠对学生的学位保留有影响, 减少孤独和孤立, 并帮助学生发展对他们现在和未来都有好处的技能.



Refugee students have often been displaced from their homeland due to war or other dangerous events out of their control.

通过避难所奖学金, Greenwich is making the university a more accessible institution to forced migrants and sends a clear message: 格林尼治大学是一所全球性的大学,世界杯竞猜网站欢迎所有人.

通过合作, 该大学提供了一个真正的转型机会,包括学费和住宿费, plus a maintenance grant for those seeking asylum or with existing refugee status in the United Kingdom.

世界杯竞猜网站世界杯竞猜网站的国际学生、工作人员和校友感到自豪. 世界杯竞猜网站依靠多元化社区带来的全球视角, 世界杯竞猜网站不希望把任何人排除在格林威治之外.

世界杯竞猜网站目前提供两个避难所奖学金来支持本科或研究生申请人. 有了你们的帮助,世界杯竞猜网站可以为那些已经经历了太多的学生提供更多的支持.



选择上大学可能是一个令人生畏的决定. And we know that it is difficult to make important life decisions when you feel restricted by financial worries – a scholarship can make this decision easier and change the course of a student’s life.

学生必须考虑如何支付住宿和生活费用. They may also be the first in their family to go to university and not feel confident that they are making the right choice.

通过世界杯竞猜网站设立的奖学金或众多奖项, 格林尼治能够 为世界杯竞猜网站的学生提供安心的心态. 这种天赋可以转化并培养未来的人才.

当明亮的, 有能力的人错过了大学和其他改变人生的机会, 社会的成本要高得多,这就是为什么世界杯竞猜网站需要你们的帮助. Your donation helps outstanding students access education and recognises their achievements along the way regardless of financial constraints.


If you would like to establish a new scholarship or extend one of our existing scholarships to additional students, 请联系 玛丽戴维斯,校友及发展主任.

Innocence Project London: Help us to maintain a vital service for the criminal justice system and the next generation of law professionals

总部位于格林威治, Innocence Project London (IPL) works to raise awareness of wrongful convictions and improve the criminal justice system.

Practising lawyers work pro bono alongside law and criminology students – a service that would otherwise be billed for approximately £52,897. They work in groups to review and investigate cases of convicted individuals who have maintained their innocence but have exhausted the criminal appeals process.

支持现有客户和接触新客户的成本不断上升, including the hidden costs – train tickets to visit clients in prison or paying for transporting case files. We hope to raise enough money to provide additional capacity to a project that relies on people giving their time so that innocent people might get their freedom back.



世界杯竞猜网站致力于激发学生的雄心壮志, 这就是为什么世界杯竞猜网站创建了 格林威治社区基金. The fund enables a diverse range of student projects and activities designed to develop confidence and provide unique 经验s and training opportunities. 与格林威治学生会合作, each project gives back to the Greenwich community while enhancing student employability during these uncertain times.

大学不仅仅是学习好. 它是关于经历、人际关系和作为一个人的成长. 您的捐赠将对世界杯竞猜网站的学生和更广泛的社会产生持久的影响:

  • £25 能否资助通勤学生参加课外活动的交通费
  • £100 可以资助一个活动,将科技领域的女性与学生联系起来吗, 同时给予学生组织者可用的技能, 包括事件管理, 预算和营销
  • £200 能否为解决当地社区差距的可持续项目做出贡献, 比如社区花园
  • £500 could fund a student conference on topics that are important to them – from race inequality to wellbeing and sustainability to climate action – and empower them to make a difference



Patrons of the University of Greenwich are central to our work and driving our vision forward: to provide education without boundaries. You collectively make a significant impact on our students – their 经验 and success – and the wider Greenwich community.

当你捐出1英镑时,000, 您将加入世界杯竞猜网站最活跃的支持者群体之一,他们分享世界杯竞猜网站的价值观:包容, 合作和有影响力. 您不仅是格林威治的支持者,也是世界杯竞猜网站全球社区的一员.

您将被邀请参加独家VIP活动以及世界杯竞猜网站的年度支持者招待会, 享有参加高级学者和领导在格林威治举办的活动的特殊资格, 并受邀了解世界杯竞猜网站的员工和研究, 包括特别邀请世界杯竞猜网站的学位展.

顾客还会收到一个欢迎包, 世界杯竞猜网站的校友是否有机会享受福利, 并有机会与世界杯竞猜网站多元化的校友群体接触并听取他们的意见.

Your generosity as a Patron will make sure that Greenwich students will realise their ambitions because of, 而不是尽管, 他们的背景.


  • During these hard times my heart goes out to those who struggle with the costs of University - some really need that extra help. 教育对我和妻子来说非常重要,世界杯竞猜网站想在力所能及的范围内支持他们.

    - Eric Watts,理学学士